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Term 4 dates:

Monday - 9th October to 11th December
Tuesday - 10th October to 12th December
Wednesday - 11th October to 13th December
Thursday - 12th October to 14th December
Friday - 13th October to 15th December


Terms & Conditions:


The program is a 10-week term program.


Payments will be automatically direct debited weekly for the duration of the term.

Each child is limited to ONE make-up session per term.

If you are away for more than one session, you will still be charged for the session and not be given a second make-up session.


Refunds are not provided for any/all classes.


Cancellations made prior to a scheduled session, will be subject to a make-up session within the school term (1 make-up session per child, per term). A make-up lesson cannot be rescheduled after the session has taken place. The make-up session may be held on a different day, with a different coach.


All Things Football reserve the right to change the coach of the session, if needed.


As spots are limited, there is a 2-week cancellation fee.


No refund will be given if you change your mind. If your child suffers a long term illness such as a broken limb, or other extreme circumstances, please notify All Things Football immediately. 

Wet Weather:

In the event that the fields are unplayable due to severe rain or dangerous weather, classes will be moved indoors. In the case of no indoor space being available, the class will be cancelled and payment will not be deducted.

Training is always on - unless you receive a message from your coach. The decision on whether a class will go ahead is made on the day.


You must disclose to All Things Football of any medical conditions the registered player has where applicable on the registration form. Such information will be kept strictly confidential by All Things Football as is other personal information we may collect.

All Things Football accepts no responsibility for any injury, death, loss or damage to the applicant player during our training programs. Parent(s) understand and are fully aware of the risks associated with their child participating in the activities provided by All Things Football and participate at their own risk and shall indemnify All Things Football and its staff against all actions, suits, proceedings, demands, costs and expenses which may be taken or made against All Things Football.

In the case of an emergency (and if necessary), the staff at All Things Football will call an Ambulance for any individual participating in a session.  Any costs associated with the Ambulance or associated medical treatment is the sole responsibility of the individual.



I give consent for All Things Football to take photographs or videos of sessions/classes, where my child might attend, for promotional purposes, unless you advise in writing that you do not wish this to occur.


It is encouraged that all registered players wear the All Things Football official uniform. Appropriate footwear (Trainers or football boots, depending on the surface) must be worn to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment.


We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the website. You should regularly check this page for any amendments.

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